Products designed for the safety and comfort of the child

AirCuddle creates products designed for the safety and comfort of the child from the first days of life. Strong by decades of experience, we have created an innovative line based on an exclusive 3D breathable and hygienic technology, which is the basis of all AirCuddle products: mattresses and cushions for cots, cribs and prams, mattress covers and seat covers for car seats and strollers.

Aircuddle Contacts

Do you want to know where to find our products? Want more information?
Our staff is happy to answer all your questions. Send your request by email to info@aircuddle.com or call us on the phone.
We are always available to give information on the product and to listen to comments and suggestions … because we AirCuddle love to cuddle our customers

Our contacts

tel: +39 0376 636924

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