TOP SAFE mattress protector is born

As parents, we were keen to realize the kind of product we wanted for our babies in order to guarantee them a comfortable, safe and hygienic sleeping environment.
We combined the three-dimensional AirCuddle fabric with an absorbent layer, made in fresh cotton, and a waterproof protective layer …

This is how Top Safe was born. A unique smart mattress protector that guarantees, in one single product, safety, hygiene and practicality being so handy in use and maintenance.

it is completely permeable
to the air

it shields baby
from bacteria and allergens

machine washable
at 60°C

The idea popped out spontaneously since, as parents, we were looking for the right mattress and the best accessories for baby’s cot … and just like many other moms and dads we oriented our research through the key words “safety” and “hygiene” …

  • How can we guarantee to our baby safety while sleeping?
  • How to protect baby from dust-mites and bacteria without choosing chemicals treated materials?
  • How to ensure baby a healthy and hygienic sleeping environment?
  • Does the market offer a product that can be hygienic and safe at the same time?
  • How can we create an ideal sleeping environment for baby?
  • First step is choosing a good quality mattress, made with certified materials, tested according the ultimate European safety standards (EN 16890:2017) and stiff at the right point to guarantee baby the best back support.
  • Then you definitely need a good mattress protector, and this is the second step.
    You have to choose the right product to protect the mattress from the little accidents that may occur while baby is asleep like pee and regurgitation in order to avoid them to get to the padding and to the core of the mattress making of it a fertile soil for the growth of mold and bacteria.
  • A waterproof mattress cover is generally the most common choice. It prevents infiltrations of liquid and dirt to get through and guarantees a good hygiene cause it helps preventing the proliferation of harmful bacteria in the padding material.
  • However …. a waterproof mattress cover stops liquids and dirt but likewise does not let the air pass through! And what is more it stays wet.
  • On the other hand a plain mattress cover permeable to air … is also permeable to liquids, dirt and dust-mites.

Is there on the market a product that combines hygiene and breathability being both hygienic and safe?

Top Safe is the solution!

This special mattress cover combines, in a single product, the complete air permeability of 3D mesh, the comfort of sleeping nicely dry and the hygiene of a waterproof protective screen that shields baby from dust and allergens, in a totally natural way.

Furthermore Top Safe is machine washable at 60 °C . This temperature neutralizes mites and bacteria.
After each wash, the mattress stays fresh and clean as if it were new, guaranteeing baby an ideal sleeping environment!

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