To scientifically prove the validity of AirCuddle technology, and in particular the surprising advantages of
our Top Safe mattress cover, we have decided to have the product tested at Independent International
Institutes. But first we tested the AirCuddle mattresses.


CATAS is the Institute that has tested our cots and cribs mattresses in compliance with the European standard EN16890: 2017. This standard specifies the safety requirements and test methods for mattresses used in children’s beds, cots and suspended beds for domestic and non-domestic use.
The standard is very complex and articulated and, in particular, evaluates chemical, thermal and mechanical risks according to well-defined parameters. AirCuddle mattresses for cots and cribs are found to be compliant to this standard.


OETI – Institut für Okologie, Technik und Innovation GmbH is the Austrian institute that tested our products and released the OEKO-TEX® class 1 certification. The test is aimed to demonstrate that textile products do not contain substances harmful to human beings and to the environment, as established and recognized by the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®
The analyzes to search for possible harmful substances are carried out considering the intended use of the textile product. The more intensely a textile product comes into contact with the skin and the more sensitive the skin is, as in the case of infants and children, the more strict the human-ecological requirements must be met. Class I concerns textile products intended for infants and children up to 3 years of age.


CUSTOM8 NV is a Belgian company that collaborates with the Catholic University of Leuven, in particular with the division of Biomechanics and Engineering Design. In recent years it has developed ad hoc techniques and methodologies to test the quality and safety of sleeping products, such as the biomechanical test performed on the Top Safe mattress topper which highlighted its surprising characteristics of breathability and air permeability.
In this case the test simulates what happens when a baby lies with his face turned down on the mattress and measures the resistance he encounters trying to breathe in this position. The test involves the use of a model that reproduces the head of a baby. The head is pushed onto the surface of the mattress with different degrees of pressure and at the same time the degree of difficulty in maintaining a specific air flow is measured. By changing the pressure exerted on the head of the baby dummy in relation to this constant air flow, Custom8 claims to derive an objective parameter that allows comparing different combinations and conditions between them. The test parameters were chosen based on the scientific literature available on the breathing of 6 month old children.
The dummy test was performed on a mattress with a cotton sheet; on a mattress with Top Safe and cotton sheet; on a mattress with Top Safe and Angel sheet. The different combinations have been tested both in wet and dry conditions.
The test showed that the combination of the mattress with Top Safe + Angel fitted sheet, both in dry and wet condition, is the best combination as far as air permeability.


CENTEXBELL VKC is the Belgian institute that tested the heat dispersion capacity of the Top Safe mattress cover applied to 6 mattress samples carrying different kind of padding and lining . The test showed that the presence of the Top Safe mattress cover helps dispersing body heat and moisture and therefore maintains an ideal body temperature.

AirMid healthgroup

AirMid healthgroup is the Irish Institute that has tested the effectiveness of the Top Safe mattress cover as a protective barrier capable of shielding baby’s rest from allergens and dust mites breeding in the mattress.
According to the test a quantity of dust containing a certain number of domestic mites (Der p1) and feline allergens (Fel d1) is introduced onto the sample through a constant pressure air flow. The number of allergens that can pass through the sample is quantified with a technique called ELISA. This test showed that the use of Top Safe mattress cover screens with a 99.9% efficacy baby’s rest from mites and allergens.
The results proved us right by demonstrating that Top Safe effectively combines HYGIENE and SAFETY and that by choosing the products of the AirCuddle sleeping range every mother gives her baby an ideal resting environment right from the very first days of life … Top Safe it’s simply the best choice!
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