TOP SAFE, a 99.9% effective screen that protects baby’s rest from mites and allergens. Airmid healthgroup has tested it for us.

To scientifically test the efficacy of the AirCuddle TOP SAFE mattress protector, as an effective shield from allergens and dust mites we asked real specialists, that’s why we chose Airmid healthgroup.

Airmid is a leading Irish biomedical research organisation specialising in aerobiology. Its mission is to prevent ill health caused by exposure to indoor air pollutants such as bacteria, mold, allergens. Airmid can boast a multidisciplinary team of clinicians and scientists specialising in microbiology, allergy and immunology and, last but not least, the state-of-the-art testing facilities

Claire Mernagh, Testing Project Manager, will kindly help us to understand the kind of tests carried out on the AirCuddle TOP SAFE mattress protector.

Good morning Claire and thanks for having accepted our interview.
Could you please explain in a few words the kind of work you and your team do at airmid?

CM – airmid healthgroup is an independent, accredited testing laboratory that specialises in assessing products from a health perspective. Using the latest molecular biology, immunoassay and air sampling techniques, airmid provides high quality scientific data to assess the effect of products including room and in-duct air purification systems, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, bedding items, smart textiles … on selected allergens, viruses, bacteria, VOCs and moulds. airmid offers a unique combination of a specialist team of clinicians and scientists, together with a state-of-the-art testing facility.

Our facilities include walk-in climate controlled environmental chambers designed to simulate the indoor environment. These chambers are surrounded by microbiology and allergen and virology laboratories enabling rapid analysis of samples. For more information, visit

Claire wold you kindly help us understanding what is asthma?

CM – Asthma and Respiratory Diseases are inflammatory disorders of the airways.

According to your experience, does the exposure to allergens can cause asthma, respiratory allergies or other pathologies?

CM – The majority of asthmatic children are allergic to environmental allergens such as house dust mite, animal danders and pollen. Being allergic means that an individual produces IgE antibody, the allergic antibody, against a glycoprotein from one or other of these sources. Exposure then gives rise to inflammation in the airway that can either initiates or aggravates the symptoms of asthma and allergy.

Can we therefore gather that protecting babies from asthma-inducing allergens can possibly help preventing these problems?

CM – Allergen avoidance in the home is now accepted as part of preventative medicine for sufferers of asthma and allergic diseases, complementing the overall concept of home health. No single approach or manoeuvre achieves an adequate reduction in domestic allergen levels. This goal can only be addressed using a combination of approaches and appropriate bedding that provides a mite and allergen impermeable barrier is one of those approaches.

We tested AirCuddle TOP SAFE mattress protector to demonstrate its efficacy as a barrier able to shield babies rest from dust-mites and allergens breeding inside the mattress, in particular from Der p 1 and Cat Allergen. Could you please explain to our readers the kind of tests that you performed on the product?

CM – We performed an allergen barrier test with airflow on the fabric and seam of the mattress protector. In the test, dust containing a known amount of house dust mite (Der p 1) and cat (Fel d 1) allergen is pulled across a sample with controlled air pressure. The amount of allergen that passes through the sample is quantified by a technique called ELISA and compared to a control. This then indicates how effective the sample is as a barrier to allergens. airmid healthgroup is ISO17025 accredited for house dust mite (Der p 1) and cat (Fel d 1) allergen analysis. Airflow is measured as part of the internal procedure to determine if there is airflow through the fabric when compared to the positive control. If the fabric has no airflow, an alternative method (Simulated Use Allergen Barrier Test) can be carried out instead.

Claire, I would like to thank you for your kindness and let me whish you good work.

Finally, after having thanked Dr. Mernagh once again for her explanations, I would like to share the surprising test results with our readers.
The test gave amazing results in terms of efficacy! AirCuddle TOP SAFE mattress protector scored a result of more than 99,9% as an allergen barrier against house dust mites and cat allergens. Top Safe … simply TOP!

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