That’s why the TOP SAFE mattress topper by AirCuddle is SAFE … Custom8 says it!

To scientifically test the air permeability of the AirCuddle TOP SAFE mattress protector, we asked real specialists. This is why we chose Custom8, a Belgian company that collaborates with the Catholic University of Leuven, in particular with the division of Biomechanics and Engineering Design.

In the last years, the Custom8 team of researchers has developed ad hoc techniques and methodologies to test both quality and safety of bedding products, as for instance the biomechanical test performed on the TOP SAFE mattress topper, which highlighted its surprising characteristics of breathability and air permeability.


The test was carried out with the help of a device that simulates the breathing of a 6-month-old baby when he is lying on his stomach with his nose and mouth in contact with the mattress.

We have performed 6 tests:

  • Mattress + cotton fitted sheet in dry conditions
  • Mattress + cotton fitted sheet in wet conditions
  • Mattress + TOP SAFE + cotton fitted sheet in dry conditions
  • Mattress + TOP SAFE + cotton fitted sheet in wet conditions
  • Mattress + TOP SAFE + ANGEL micro-perforated fitted sheet in dry conditions
  • Mattress + TOP SAFE + ANGEL micro-perforated fitted sheet in wet conditions

The combination Mattress + cotton fitted sheet in dry conditions, it is the condition that Custom8 takes as the reference standard for the test. The results of the other 5 tests were compared to this value.


The TOP SAFE mattress protector in combination with the micro-perforated fitted sheet ANGEL scores the best performance in terms of air permeability, both in dry and wet conditions.A) Mattress + cotton fitted sheet dry = standard reference

  • (B) Mattress + cotton fitted sheet wet = air permeability reduces by 2/3 compared to (A)
  • (C) Mattress + TOP SAFE + cotton fitted sheet dry = double air permeability compared to (A)
  • (D) Mattress + TOP SAFE + cotton fitted sheet wet = air permeability similar to (A)
  • (E) Mattresso + TOP SAFE + ANGEL micro-perforated fitted sheet dry = air permeability 10 times higher than (A)
  • (F) Mattress + TOP SAFE + ANGEL micro-perforated fitted sheet wet = air permeability 6 times higher than (A)



The combination of the TOP SAFE mattress protector with the ANGEL micro-perforated fitted sheet is the safest way to let your baby sleep.

All this thanks to the TOP SAFE 3D structure that guarantees a constant air flow. Our micro-perforated fitted sheet ANGEL, conceived as an indispensable complement to the AirCuddle technology, does not absorb moisture and keeps TOP SAFE’s breathability features unaltered … unlike a cotton fitted sheet which, by absorbing humidity, considerably reduces TOP SAFE breathability.


Choose the best for your baby! Choose AirCuddle!

Intervista ad Hans Druyts, Managing Director di Custom8

Interview to Hans Druyts, Custom8 Managing Director, Today Mr. Hans Druyts, Managing Director at Custom8, will help us to understand the importance of science applied to bedding products explaining, in this specific case, the modalities of the tests carried out on the AirCuddle TOP SAFE mattress protector, alone and in combination with the ANGEL micro perforated fitted sheet. The tests have been performed with the aim of demonstrating the effective safety of the product.

Good morning Mr Druyts and thanks for having accepted our interview.
Could you please explain in few words the kind of work you and your team do at Custom8?

HD Custom8 is founded in 2001 as a Spinoff company of the KU Leuven (Catholic University of Leuven). Our mission is the continuous improvement of the consumers sleep quality by scientifically founded innovative products.
We design intelligent components for the bedding industry to build highly optimised sleep systems for their customers, but we also develop measurement and advice tools which provide scientific feedback to bedding manufacturers and sellers about their customers’ sleeping needs.

How generates the need to scientifically test bedding products?

HD We sleep approximately one third of our lives, but in many cases the sleep system is not adjusted to the needs of the sleeper. Many bedding manufacturers and sellers claim different benefits for their products without scientific substantiation. Through its components and advice tools Custom8 wants to bring healthy sleep to everybody.

Would you recommend testing the safety rate of baby sleeping products?

HD Yes, because babies spend more time in bed, the relevance of a good sleeping environment becomes even more important. The same reasoning goes for the safety aspects of these products, since babies do not yet have the motor skills to get out of a difficult position. Customers should have access to the results of test procedures that provide insights in the ergonomic and safety aspects of the sleep products.

Can you please explain to our readers how the biomechanical test works in the specific case of the TOP SAFE mattress topper?

HD The test we have elaborated examines the resistance that can be experienced while breathing when the head is pushed into the mattress surface. In other words, it simulates what happens when a baby lies on his stomach with the mouth opening down. To this end, a head of a mannequin baby is pushed into the mattress surface, while measuring how difficult it becomes to maintain a particular air flow. The change in air pressure at this constant airflow gives an objective parameter to compare the different combinations and conditions with each other. The test parameters were chosen on the basis of available scientific literature on breathing of 6 months old infants.

To test the permeability of our TOP SAFE mattress protector, we performed the manikin test onto the mattress with and without fitted sheet, comparing the breathability of a standard cotton fitted sheet to that of the ANGEL micro-perforated fitted sheet . Why testing the air permeability in dry and wet conditions?

HD Only dry testing would not be representative of real conditions. The outcome would give an overly optimistic picture of breathability. After all, we can assume that the fibres in the mattress cover and the bed linen will thicken when they absorb moisture. This will automatically reduce the permeability of these substances and thus make breathing more difficult.

What do the results of the tests show?

HD The results show that adding a mattress protector greatly improves the ventilation properties, especially in combination with a perforated sheet. It is also worth noting that the combination of the mattress protector and perforated sheet reveals almost no difference in breathability between dry and wet conditions.

One last question, would you personally recommend using TOP SAFE mattress protector?

HD The investment in a decent mattress and accessories is, in my opinion, only a minimal cost compared to many other expenses made by young parents. Despite the government’s recommendations that babies of this age best sleep on their backs, this is not always the case in practice. With this kind of accessory, you are at least certain that your baby will do so safely, because it will limit the breathability obstacles.

Mr Druyts let me thank you for your kindness for explaining this interesting test and all the amazing research you do at Custom8. For those wishing to learn more

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